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Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2007 -- Morgantown, WV
MAGP Updates:
Young Champions, Dual Series, and a New Year

Story by Julie Black

Kaylyn Harris
Kaylyn Harris runs the Back Bay 5K
Photo by Maria af Rolen
Kaylyn Harris of Reedsville, WV has become the youngest person to ever win overall in the MAGP Series. Missing only one sprint event, Harris ran her way to becoming the 2007 Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP) Women's Sprint Series Champion with 512 points.

Just how young is she? Out of a field of 342 women runners of all ages, 9-year old Kaylyn Harris finished 1st. Now that's something to celebrate. Congratulations to Kaylyn, her family, and coach(s).

At 46 years young, Larry Taylor doesn't appear to be slowing down. In fact, he's on his way to becoming a dual series champion. Just by finishing the last race of the Endurance Series, The Run to Read Half-Marathon on January 5th, Taylor will become the first dual series champion the MAGP has ever had.

Taylor isn't the only person on his way to topping both series. Jim Banks (61 years young), is also winning overall in both series in second place. Bill Filcheck claimed the third overall men's Sprint Series standings spot with 520 points in front of Jim Bailey who competed in all of the Sprint Series events.

Other winners of this year's series are Paula Bridges, second overall woman in the MAGP Sprint Series. Cindy Goodwin finished in third.

With Taylor and Banks finishing first and second in the Endurance Series, Joey Herron (535 points) and Jim Bailey (532 points) will battle for third overall at the Run to Read.

For the Record:

The dual MAGP Series was a proto-type this year, splitting the 20 races into two categories to form the separate series, sprint and endurance. The split in the series was received well by the race directors, board, racers, and MAGP members. The double-barrel series will continue in 2008 and most races will return. Dates for 2008 are to be announced.

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