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Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 -- Morgantown, WV
August: Morgantown Area Grand Prix (MAGP) Series Updates See the schedule on the: MAGP Site

August Races on Deck: This Sunday the Endurance Series continues at the Big Bear Lake 8K. Better run now, the next Endurance event is in November. Sign up now for the Sprint Series, Run with the Law 5K and save! The race on Aug. 26th.

Consistency is the Key

Story by Julie Black

Larry Taylor photo by JR Petsko
Larry Taylor, 2007 MAGP Series, photo by JR Petsko
The MAGP Endurance Series has three races left. Next up is the Big Bear Lake 8K this Sunday, August 12th. Many area racers know that this year the MAGP was split into two series, sprint and endurance. One racer aims at winning them both, Larry Taylor.

Of Fayetteville, West Virginia Taylor is a 46 years young Masters runner. In 2004, Taylor won both the Male Open and Masters Divisions in the Running Journal Grand Prix, so he's familiar with double wins. In 2007 he's stepped it up. Double overall wins is a bit different; more competition, younger runners, and more wins in the top three. The demand on a runner can take its toll, but Taylor proves week after week that he's consistent.

Heading into the Big Bear race with 562 Endurance points, Taylor is setting himself up for the title. Jim Banks remains close at 545. Taylor also leads the Sprint Series with 442 points, but 5 more races await him before it finally ends in December. The next event is August 26, The Run with the Law 5K in at Camp Dawson in Kingwood, WV.

Who will be the men's champion? Will it be Taylor? Can he take both series? Well if anyone can do it, Larry can.

But lets not count out long time MAGP runner, Jim Banks, who's presently 2nd in the Endurance and 3rd in the Sprint standings. Out of Scottdale, Pennsylvania Banks is also a masters runner, like Taylor. He also races in most if not all of the MAGP races, like Taylor, but unlike Taylor, Banks doesn't always finish in the top 5 overall spots. What Banks does is finish first in his class the majority of the time, and he's consistent.

Cindy Goodwin and Sue Heavner lead the women's race for top Endurance lady, separated by only 1 point. Sandra Hanlon has a commanding lead in the Sprint series for the women. Kaylyn Harris and Chelsea Clark are presently tied for 2nd, and with 5 more races in the cards, anything can happen.

So, are you ready for September?

The MAGP Sprint Series hosts two events that month:

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