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Sunday, April 5, 2009 -- Logan, WV / chief logan state park
Chief Logan Wilderness Challenge - WVMBA Sancationed (iPO Event Id#: 11660)

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Cross-Over Riders Welcome

Article and photos by Theresa Svoboda

Chief Logan Photo by Theresa Svoboda
WVMBA Season gets rolling
On Sunday, April 5th, riders lined up to kick off West Virginia Mountain Bike Association's (WVMBA) first sanctioned race of '09, the Chief Logan Wilderness Challenge.

The riders that tested themselves on this bold course in the rollers of Logan will have a "racers edge" for Big Bear, coming up on April 19th. Bikers pushed themselves hard, with mile long climbs as they grunted over rocks and roots. They had only seconds it seemed, to catch a breath and then do it all over again. In order to play hard, you gotta work hard . . . right?

WVMBA's Executive Director, J.R. Petsko, found himself happily submersed in dirt for this race. He joked, "I'm not really a fan of mountain top removal, but if we have to do that big climb next year, have at it I say!"

There seemed to be an abundance of mountain mojo at Logan -- beautiful scenery, the nicest group of race organizers and volunteers, a feast for all at the end and great prizes from WVMBA -- perfect race!

The top finisher was Jesse Stevens, impressing all with a great time of 1:59:12. It's nice to see roadies get dirty and win! WVMBA is hoping their expanded schedule, deluxe awards, and fabulous venues will appeal to more cross-over riders like Jesse.

Chief Logan Photo by Theresa Svoboda
Muddy mountain climbing
Steve Hill garnered a second place finish in Men's Expert, with Ryan Hobbs taking third. Chris Aldridge made a successful jump up from sport vet to Expert Vet, followed by a regular in the top tier, Steve Svoboda.

A first place win for Matt Marcus made his usual grin even wider, with Ron Cantley following in second for Men's Expert Masters. Tyler Minor, Dave Brown, Steve Thorne & J.R. Petsko all won their categories on the Sport Course. Great Job, Men!

And finally, 12 beginner riders took on their first race. Congratulations to the following first place beginners: William Baisden, Mariah Hibarger and Forrest Roberts.

Chief Logan organizers are hoping to get on the roster next year for the points series. As a spectator, I can say it will be a welcome addition.

A small request for more visibility to the small sign I noticed hiking up a trail.

It read: No whining allowed!