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Saturday, November 3, 2007 -- Morgantown, WV / Pathfinder/Court House Square
Motown Throwdown Rail Jam (iPO Event Id#: 10555)

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Who needs snow to have a good time?

Photos by Maria af Rolén with story and some additional photos by Julie Black

Motown Throwdown
Motown Throwdown photo by Julie Black
Most people who live in this area know that Saturday night is always a good time in Morgantown, West Virginia. Home to the West Virginia University (WVU) Mountaineers, this town has been declared the nations top party school.

But despite the towns 'fun-lovin' reputation it manages to keep its Pleasantville appeal. Its small and mostly quite. And yes, lots of 30 to 40 something families with children do live and work here including myself.

So when a local store, Pathfinder of West Virginia, and the WVU Snowboard Team combined forces up with BoParc (greater Morgantown's leisure service delivery system) to host the first ever Motown Throwdown rail jam, the sleepy little town suddenly got some big city love.

Motown Throwdown
Team WVU Snowboard, Motown Throwdown photo by Julie Black
A mini expo of snowboarding and ski companies showed their gear, and SUBARU was on the scene with their latest release in hot red outdoor lifestyle vehicles. Thanks to Mainstreet Morgantown, BoParc, and Wisp Resort the event was made a reality. Featured gear sponsors were Nitro, Oakley, Airblaster, DC, Armada, Lib Tech, Gnu, and Roxy.

Wisp Resort of nearby McHenry, Maryland provided a 12 foot ramp and Red Bull provided free cans of 'wings' and one of their infamous DJs under the lights. Boparc pumped out over 10 truckloads of snow for 40 riders, 20 skiers and 20 snowboarders, to compete on.

The event began at 4:00 pm and then continued under the lights until 11:00 pm. Riders flipped, skipped, and pulled out all the tricks and combos they could.

A few riders dialed (process of landing a trick perfectly) their licks perfectly, and others had some great slow-mo frontside action(spinning or landing facing a different direction than you started.)

Of course everyone slid down the chute, with some even leaping into the air at times. All-in-all, it was 7 hours of non-stop action, and wicked fun.

Special thanks to Andrew Walker, the great folks at Pathfinder, The WVU Snowboard Team, and BoParc, and the many sponsors for putting it all together.


1. Cody Boan
2. Brad Harper
3. Matt Guess
4. Josh Zerkel
5. Cooper Thomas
1. Nick Fiorini
2. Drew Peterson
3. ?? 
(more on the way!)