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Saturday, August 11, 2018 -- Waynesburg, PA / Rolling Meadows Church of God
The Victory 5K 2018 (iPO Event Id#: 16688)

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Bib#NameHome TownClass
172Chris HardieWaynesburg PA1M Overall RUN4021:28.6
280Shane M GottschalleWashington PA2M Overall RUN3222:19.0
359Darin AcklinDilliner PA3M Overall RUN3522:26.2
461Andrew GalisCoal Center PA1M 30-39 RUN3123:16.0
562Alicia GalisCoal Center PA1F Overall RUN3123:21.7
612Trini ColeProsperity PA2F Overall RUN2024:03.5
728Lexi RushWaynesburg PA3F Overall RUN1224:16.7
864Thomas RushWaynesburg PA2M 30-39 RUN3524:51.2
938William MillerCalifornia PA3M 30-39 RUN3224:56.7
1032Abraham CalvertWaynesburg PA1M 00-14 RUN1125:14.4
1130Lawrence CalvertWaynesburg PA4M 30-39 RUN3925:16.7
1244Joshua KingBlacksville WV5M 30-39 RUN3825:33.2
1384Max Thomas MillerMather PA1M 20-29 RUN2125:41.9
1452Gaylene EckleberryWaynesburg PA1F 50-59 RUN5325:43.6
1578Lauren BaileyWaynesburg PA1F 20-29 RUN2225:45.1
1654Mark EckleberryWaynesburg PA1M 60-99 RUN6326:17.5
1742Timothy M. SmithBridgeport OH2M 20-29 RUN2927:00.9
1876Tyler WebbWaynesburg PA3M 20-29 RUN2427:49.3
1969Kely KeigerCarmichaels PA1F 40-49 RUN4128:07.6
2074Mindy TedrowWaynesburg PA2F 40-49 RUN4128:41.4
2168Donna LaretsisCarmichaels PA1F 30-39 RUN3428:52.4
2213Matthew ColeProsperity PA1M 15-19 RUN1532:04.7
2377Lyndsay WebbWaynesburg PA2F 20-29 RUN2432:07.9
2434Miranda CalvertWaynesburg PA2F 30-39 RUN3833:13.4
2529Jessie RushWaynesburg PA3F 30-39 RUN3034:11.7
2679Susan MaleyWaynesburg PA3F 40-49 RUN4636:02.2
2722Mary KrettRostraver Twp. PA1F 60-99 RUN6537:07.9
2870Betty AndersonWaynesburg PA2F 60-99 RUN6645:40.8
2919Risa McCrayClarksville PA3F 60-99 RUN6947:24.8
3083Richard RyanMasontown PA2M 15-19 RUN1954:33.5
3175Gina TedrowWaynesburg PA1F 00-14 RUN1057:47.4
3235Joella CalvertWaynesburg PA2F 00-14 RUN957:49.5
3336Diana L StrosniderMount Morris PA2F 50-59 RUN521:02:00.5
3460Greta AcklinDilliner PA4F 30-39 RUN351:02:29.4

Bib#NameHome TownClass
171Kelley MurdockWashington PA1F Overall WALK3533:30.3
27Richard RespoleBellaire OH1M Overall WALK6637:35.0
341Lisa MainWaynesburg PA2F Overall WALK5440:01.1
473Rose GrayRayland OH3F Overall WALK6140:22.2
510Brenda WoodsWaynesburg PA1F 50-59 WALK5640:36.8
682Sandy WilsonWaynesburg PA1F 40-49 WALK4741:29.6
751Linda KellerWaynesburg PA1F 60-99 WALK6641:40.7
843Danielle MorrisWaynesburg PA1F 30-39 WALK3144:31.7
963Beth HastingsCarmichaels PA2F 30-39 WALK3546:36.8
1081Elizabeth HigginsWaynesburg PA2F 40-49 WALK4346:41.3
1121Jesse MartinClarksville PA2M Overall WALK3950:18.4
1220Charles KuzmaClarksville PA3M Overall WALK6150:23.5
1316Amy RyanMasontown PA2F 50-59 WALK5152:53.0
1415George HagedornRicheyville PA1M 50-59 WALK5452:54.7
1517Kimberly RyanCarmichaels PA1F 20-29 WALK2554:31.8
1639Rachel MitterWaynesburg PA3F 30-39 WALK3757:42.3
1740Angela JacobsGraysville PA4F 30-39 WALK3357:43.8
1846Chloe WiseWashington PA1F 00-14 WALK957:51.3
1914Nicole ThomasWaynesburg PA1F 15-19 WALK171:02:41.5
2067Cindy OrndofffWaynesburg PA3F 40-49 WALK451:02:43.0
2147Camille WiseWashington PA2F 00-14 WALK51:04:10.1
2248Geoff WiseWashington PA1M 30-39 WALK381:04:35.0
2345Carly WiseWashington PA5F 30-39 WALK381:04:36.4
2466Beverly CalvertWashington PA2F 60-99 WALK621:04:36.7
2518Cheri ComstockHarrisburg PA3F 50-59 WALK571:07:11.8
2623Connie KellyWaynesburg PA6F 30-39 WALK341:07:58.8
2765Robert BarnhartWaynesburg PA1M 40-49 WALK401:07:59.1
289Diane NagyWashington PA3F 60-99 WALK631:10:17.1
296Edna CalvertClaysville PA4F 60-99 WALK831:10:19.9

Bib#NameHome TownClass
189Lexi RushWaynesburg PA1F 00-12 MILE1207:08.6
233Abraham CalvertWaynesburg PA1M 00-12 MILE1107:14.3
326Linzy RushWaynesburg PA2F 00-12 MILE1007:37.2
431Lawrence CalvertWaynesburg PA1M 13-99 MILE3907:42.7
527Gaven MartinWaynesburg PA2M 00-12 MILE1207:54.3
685Jackson GrimesHolbrook PA3M 00-12 MILE1008:43.7
788Coleman KincerWaynesburg PA4M 00-12 MILE510:12.8
825Ralph MartinWaynesburg PA5M 00-12 MILE1110:51.6
987Ella KincerWaynesburg PA3F 00-12 MILE813:34.8