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Saturday, August 12, 2017 -- Waynesburg, PA / Rolling Meadows Church of God
The Victory 5K (iPO Event Id#: 16404)

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Bib#NameHome TownClass
162Steven VanWagnerUniontown PA1M Overall RUN3419:49.0
281Shane GottschalkWashington PA2M Overall RUN3120:21.4
374Mikey EwingWashington PA3M Overall RUN1420:53.3
489Gabe McConvilleWaynesburg PA1M 00-14 RUN1421:36.5
580Chris HardieWaynesburg PA1M 35-39 RUN3922:14.7
657Mike BailyWaynesburg PA1M 40-44 RUN4022:41.5
746Darin AcklinDilliner PA1M 30-34 RUN3422:58.9
870Alicia GalisCalifornia PA1F Overall RUN3023:09.2
945David Bowlin JrMorgantown WV1M 45-49 RUN4624:23.2
1071Andrew GalisCalifornia PA2M 30-34 RUN3024:28.9
1131Joshua KingCore WV2M 35-39 RUN3725:26.9
1252Abraham CalvertWaynesburg PA2M 00-14 RUN1025:48.3
1350Lawrence CalvertWaynesburg PA3M 35-39 RUN3825:49.0
1460William MillerCalifornia PA3M 30-34 RUN3126:09.4
1518Brandon MeyerWaynesburg PA4M 35-39 RUN3728:17.4
1616Marissa MeyerWaynesburg PA2F Overall RUN928:18.7
1728Sara TheisMorgantown WV3F Overall RUN2629:24.5
1823Lauren FoxWaynesburg PA1F 20-24 RUN2330:28.0
1966Kelly KigerCarmichaels PA1F 40-44 RUN4031:14.8
2083Bethany AckleyWaynesburg PA2F 40-44 RUN4231:26.5
2147John HoltCore WV1M 25-29 RUN2731:35.8
2263Max MillerMather PA1M 20-24 RUN2031:47.5
2355Miranda CalvertWaynesburg PA1F 35-39 RUN3732:03.7
2432Jaclyn PheasantSmithfield PA1F 30-34 RUN3432:23.0
2565Donna LeretsisCarmichaels PA2F 30-34 RUN3332:23.2
2621Lindsay KovachUniontown PA3F 30-34 RUN3333:49.9
2772Katie MagoulickHopwood PA4F 30-34 RUN3334:18.4
2822Kelly MetzgerMount Morris PA3F 40-44 RUN4335:14.8
2911David BencoProsperity PA2M 45-49 RUN4535:29.5
3056Trini ColeProsperity PA1F 15-19 RUN1935:30.2
3179Amanda WolfeWest Brownsville PA1F 25-29 RUN2835:50.5
328Katie AcorClaysville PA4F 40-44 RUN4437:34.2
3369Anthony JarrellWaynesburg PA2M 25-29 RUN2638:28.2
3459Mary KrettBelle Vernon PA1F 60-99 RUN6439:43.9
3540Rebekah LOUKJefferson PA2F 35-39 RUN3740:22.4
3685Larry DouglasWaynesburg PA1M 55-59 RUN5941:01.1
3710Juli BencoProsperity PA1F 45-49 RUN4841:56.5
3887Jake ThomasWaynesburg PA3M 00-14 RUN1142:02.0
3954Joella CalvertWaynesburg PA1F 00-14 RUN843:32.2
4025Carly WiseWashington PA3F 35-39 RUN3745:30.3
4126Chloe WiseWashington PA2F 00-14 RUN845:30.6
4276Dustin HastingsCarmichaels PA4M 00-14 RUN1147:03.5
4386Elana ThomasWaynesburg PA3F 00-14 RUN81:00:26.9
4431Joshua KingCore WV5M 35-39 RUN371:00:47.3
4584Larry D CalvertWashington PA2M 55-59 RUN591:05:10.0

Bib#NameHome TownClass
182Kelley MurdockWashington PA1F Overall WALK3435:17.3
213Richard RespoleBellaire OH1M Overall WALK6538:20.0
361Leslie VanWagnerWest Palm Beach FL2F Overall WALK5940:31.0
414Linda KellerWaynesburg PA3F Overall WALK6540:57.3
544Alice FoxWest Finley PA1F 60-99 WALK6741:29.6
677Beth HastingsCarmichaels PA1F 30-39 WALK3447:22.4
773Dawn RushProsperity PA2F 60-99 WALK7750:46.6
830Angela WilsonNew Freeport PA1F 20-29 WALK2852:15.8
929Rachel OrumAmity PA1F 00-19 WALK1952:16.3
1042Lisa FoxWaynesburg PA1F 40-49 WALK4152:17.0
1192Becky DavisWaynesburg PA2F 30-39 WALK3853:14.0
1293Larry DavisWaynesburg PA2M Overall WALK4153:15.4
1348Beverly CalvertWashington PA3F 60-99 WALK6153:32.0
1424Kim RyanMasontown PA2F 20-29 WALK2454:28.2
1535Haleigh ThomasWaynesburg PA2F 00-19 WALK1756:31.5
1637Heath ThomasWaynesburg PA3M Overall WALK4156:32.0
1758Becky WalkerWaynesburg PA4F 60-99 WALK7056:32.9
1836Makenzie ThomasWaynesburg PA3F 00-19 WALK1756:33.3
1964Rachel MillerMather PA1F 50-59 WALK5957:25.9
2033Angie ThomasWaynesburg PA3F 30-39 WALK3959:14.1
2112Delmont HunnellWaynesburg PA1M 60-99 WALK6659:53.5
2288Melissa ThomasWaynesburg PA4F 30-39 WALK381:00:27.1
2368Emily RyanMasontown PA3F 20-29 WALK251:00:40.8
2467Caroline RyanMasontown PA4F 20-29 WALK201:00:41.3
2534Alison ThomasWaynesburg PA4F 00-19 WALK141:00:47.5
2649Diana L StrosniderMount Morris PA2F 50-59 WALK511:03:28.3
2791Kellie CargilePA5F 20-29 WALK261:04:10.3
2878Emilee TuttleSycamore PA5F 00-19 WALK171:05:04.3
2927Cindy OrndoffWaynesburg PA2F 40-49 WALK441:05:05.5
306Edna CalvertClaysville PA5F 60-99 WALK821:11:19.5
317Diane NagyWashington PA6F 60-99 WALK621:11:20.2

Bib#NameHome TownClass
19Luke AcorClaysville PA1M 00-12 MILE1107:27.0
253Abraham CalvertWaynesburg PA2M 00-12 MILE1007:50.1
351Lawrence CalvertWaynesburg PA1M 13-99 MILE3807:51.3
417Andrew MeyerWaynesburg PA3M 00-12 MILE708:37.6
575Lily EwingWashington PA1F 00-12 MILE1009:07.6
619Shawn MeyerWaynesburg PA4M 00-12 MILE511:06.3
795Amelia GraigWaynesburg PA2F 00-12 MILE814:22.7